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Swansea City have announced today that they have terminated Jackett's contract by mutual agreement.

After a long discussion between the chairman and Kenny Jackett, the club felt that Jackett was the best person to pick us up from a recent poor run of form.

However, Jackett has decided that the time was right for him and the club to make a clean break.

The Board of Directors tried to change his mind but he feels he no longer has the support from the club, the fans, the media and the board.

Jackett's assistant Kevin Nugent will take charge of the first team by immediate effect until a replacement is brought in.

Chairman Huw Jenkins gave his views on the matter and said: "I was very surprised when I received a call from Kenny on Wednesday and I'm very disappointed with how things have worked out,"

"He was upset. He's thought things over and felt the criticism against him was difficult to take."

"He didn't know where to go from here - whichever way he moved forward, he felt it was only a mater of time before the criticism from the supporters or the press would get on to him again.

"He felt for the sake of the club and himself that a parting of the ways was the best thing to do at this time."

"In the three years that Kenny has been manager, we have won three cups, gained promotion from League Two and come within a penalty shoot out of reaching the Championship," read a Swansea statement on Thursday.

"The club feels that some of the criticism directed at Kenny from all quarters has been excessive.

"The Board has worked extremely closely with Kenny over the past three years and found him to be a passionate and committed person.

"Due to the nature of this relationship it has been extremely difficult to accept that Kenny's time at the club is at an end.

"Sometimes you only find out the true value of something when you no longer have it and only time will tell if that proves to be the case in this instance."

After reading about the meeting Jenkins and Jackett held this week, it was quite surprising that Kenny handed in his resignation.

I think he made the right decision however for all concerned. We are going through a poor run of form lately and the team are putting in some gutless performances.

Jackett has done a great job at the club I feel as he finally got us out of League 2 and went close to achieving consecutive promotions but we were beaten on penalties in the play-off final.

I felt Jackett proved that he could take us no further. More money has been spent this season and with the resources and squad ability he has avaiable to him, we really shouldn't be struggling to get into the play-offs.

I was dissapointed to read that Jackett would still have been here next season if we failed to gain promotion this term.

I think it's obvious that if he can't promote us spending around 2million on players then he isn't the right man for the job.

Micky Adams, Joe Royle, Dean Saunders, Mark Bowen and Roberto Martinez have been mentioned on BBC SPORT as possible replacements.

Are you happy to see Jackett go? Who would be a good replacement? Let us know here

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The Journalist

Writer: VitalSwansea Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 15 2007

Time: 11:24AM

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At last, Thanks for all you did for us KJ
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15/02/2007 12:19:00

It was bound to happen sooner or later, wonder who will replace him. Needs to be someone who can give us a boost to get back in the playoffs.
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15/02/2007 12:25:00

Micky Adams or Penny are the early romours
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15/02/2007 13:12:00

Strange timing, although always on the cards.
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15/02/2007 13:31:00

very succsefull, so why did most fans want him out, be patience, i'll be gutted but not tottaly suprised if it's downhill from here. He took this club a long way, and i think there was more to come, given more time. Thnks KJ
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15/02/2007 13:59:00

Look at the overall picture and KJ did very well for Swansea City Football Club. He should be thanked for that as he has been the most successful manager since Tashack. One comment recenly made on this site said that it will be easier to sack one (Manager) than 11 players after last Saturday's performance. Perhaps we should now ask the whole squad if they will commit and give 100% to the club.
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15/02/2007 14:09:00

Stupid to go in the middle of the season. Some fans arent patient enough, this has all come from us overachieving last year. Rumours are; Micky Adams, Joe Royle, Dean Saunders, Mark Bowen and Roberto Martinez (from BBC Sport)
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15/02/2007 14:20:00

It was always on the cards. but the the players have to take the blame as much as kj due to lack luster performance and attuitude. most of the players there are over paid and over rated. they all need to take a break off going out on the ***** all the time and start playing like pro. you dont see or hear of prem players out on the ***** every week. thats becouse they love they club and wants whats best for them self and the club swans need to bring in someone who can shake the players up and tell them that no players place is safe and start playing for the club and the fans and not just for they pay checks. get a grip swansea city. i do feel sorry for kj he done a good job here but what can you do when you got players out all the time and players fighting in night clubs. what kind of pros are you??? what a load of rubbish.
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 14:34:00

as long as u dnt take martin allen i wish u the best of luck finding a new manager
the rodge
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 14:40:00

about effing time the knob was *****e ! done well thought must admit !!
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 15:00:00

oi trundz2k5 the only knob is u ... i wud likew 2 c u try nd do a better job than he did.... the thing is there aint another manager avaliable 2 do wat he dun for us .... swansea bored dun have a ****in clue wats the best for the club ..... they just listen 2 the fans like i hope the boo bois r happy u just watch us fiteing for our lives agen in league 2 soon nice 1 boo bois u have reallt ****ed up the future of swansea city football club I HOPE U R ****IN HAPPY U DICKS... WELL DONE KENNY M8 BEST MANAGER WE HAVE HAD SINCE TOSHACK
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 16:31:00

well we can honstley say you havent been watching the swans as long as most of us on here naythan_swan. glory hunters dont you just love them.
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15/02/2007 16:58:00

look every one i dont know why you all fighting over this its done now and we need to get on with the season. kj did very well for the club but he could not take us anyfurther. good luck kj. a lot of the comments on here are a load of *****. if you have got nothing constructive to say dont bother. i will agree that the boo boys are ful of ***** tho!! i bet none of them have ever play football in they lives. i bet they are fat slobs with no jobs and talk in they local pubs talking cos they go to watch the swans they know it all. and i bet they only started to go watch the swans when the new ground was up and running. sort it out slobs
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 17:20:00

is that why i had trials with the swans and man city is it mate and is that why ive ben watching the swans for fifteen years and i am curntley on a grand and half a week do us a favor mate and grow up is it. your saying not to argue and its done and dusted but you are stiring even more ***** up. what a *****er.
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 17:34:00

Have you read the full article naythan? and can you stop posting is that annoying text language because some people can't understand it. The board didn't sack him, they tried to persuade him to stay but Jackett handed in his recognition. You can't criticise the board then if you wanted Jackett to stay here.
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 17:48:00

oh grow up mate! theres always 1 asshole who thinks he should be the boss of the swans sitting there giving this and that. you must be 1 of the boo boys. trials!! is that all. give it up mate. your a joke. the only thing i am stiring is the likes of you. everything i said about kj and the swans i stand by. swans til i die!!!! yea rite
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 18:12:00

I want to start by saying I am not a critical person and I support the Swans through and through...but this has upset and angered me...I think all parties involved have a part to play in this: The Board: The board have built up an expectation that was unrealistic for the club...As soon as you start talking about where you want to be, the fans are going to feel you should be there...this put immense pressure on Jackett which was unrealistic to cope with....I feel this played a part in where all the boo boys came from, they then expected too much! The Players: Someone summed it all up earlier...the players get overpaid when they are not acting like pro's...and the evidence is there...that they are out on Friday nights instead of preparing for a match...this then results in no passion or commitment on a Saturday afternoon, when are these players going to grow up and act like pro's! Jackett: I just feel he didn't help himself with the obvious lack of experience in the camp...we had no-one who wanted to take the flak and no-one experienced enough to dig ourselves out of a tricky situation! Manager : First Managerial Role Ass. Manager: First Coaching Role Current Captain: Only 21...for this reason i think he struggled through tis period! Finally...THE BOO BOYS!! Have more than certainly contributed to this...some people seem to forget...when he took over we were an unstable League 2 side...now we are a GOOD League 1 sde...just 2 and a half years later...where's the problem in that? I just hope you're all happy!! I got nothing else to say to you FICKLE FANS...i bet half of you only turned up last year! I just want to thank Kenny for everything and sincerey wish him the best in the future...to me he's a legend and a very good manger...Also I'd like to stick up for the board for their decision in keeping him despite what FAREWEATHER FANS were saying about Jackett!! In my opinion it could spell a bit of a downward spriral for us! Lets hope I'm wrong!
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 18:27:00

what and i havent. i have been saying to get rid of jackett since last year and i HAVE stuck by it, all the regulars on here will bare witness to that. and for a start you dont know anything about me so stop speaking as if you do i havent got time to wast on little know it all****s like you so this is the last time i will be responding to you in any shape o form oh and by the way as i said ive been a swans suporter for the last 15 years and a season ticket holder for the last 10 of them ears so in that case "im swansea till die, im swansea till i die i know i am im sure i am im SWANSEA_TILL_I_DIE".
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 21:23:00

Read my comment mate...half the supporters...not all...half!!
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 21:33:00

i wasent speaking to you mate i was speaking to ksp
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 21:38:00

Gone is it, well supporters will have their opinions about wether it is good or bad for the club, the thing is we should not fall out about it, just keep supporting the club in its bid to gain promotion, my mate aspaulhill reckons John Hartson should be brought in to keep the push going. He knows nowt really.....
Report Abuse
15/02/2007 23:06:00

you must be a cardiff fan? you must be!
Report Abuse
16/02/2007 13:45:00

The whole performance against Oldham was not acceptable and resulted in KJ having had enough. They were all seniors players on the pitch whose passing was wayward or suicidal. Manager chooses the team and tactics but it is up to the players on the park to perform. I would have liked KJ to have stayed until the end of the season.
Report Abuse
16/02/2007 16:12:00

Sorry swansea_till_i_die....i thought you were responding to me comment. Lots of names being linked!
Report Abuse
16/02/2007 17:09:00


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