Swansea City - Club Statement - Apology
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Club Statement - Apology

The club statement read:

With regard to the unfortunate events at the end of yesterday's Football League Trophy Final at the Millennium Stadium, Swansea City Football Club would like to apologise unreservedly for any offence caused, particularly to Cardiff City Football Club and its supporters.

In the euphoric atmosphere following the presentation of the trophy certain players, caught up in the moment, picked up articles thrown from individuals in the crowd without realising the offensive nature of some of these items.

The players concerned, Alan Tate and Lee Trundle, wish to personally apologise to all those offended by their actions. Both players stress that no malice was intended.

Once again, Swansea City Football Club apologise for any distress caused on a day when nearly 30,000 of its fans had a marvellous day out, with little or no incident. South Wales Police has applauded the supporters for their good natured and orderly behaviour on the day.

We would like to thank the people of Cardiff for their warm welcome and their help in making the day a memorable one.

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The Journalist

Writer: VitalSwansea Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday April 3 2006

Time: 5:54PM

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just mentioned on itv wales news that trunds and tate could be facing prosecution!
troika dog
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03/04/2006 18:05:00

they are just out to ruin what should ave been one of the greatest days in this clubs history!!and if they done it to us no one would care !
troika dog
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03/04/2006 18:07:00

if cardiff rearly cared for welsh football they would drop this but obivously there gonna take the fun out of winning!
troika dog
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03/04/2006 18:09:00

one of the greatest in our history? I don't think so mate, all promotions beat it. The golden years, championship in 2000, promotion last season etc. Cardiff would have been in trouble as well but probably just not as much, the media will probably take it as disrespect seeing as the final was hosted there in such a great stadium. It was harmless fun from Trundle but he should have known better and there was no need it of it because he could be in a lot of trouble.
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03/04/2006 18:11:00

i said it was "ONE" OF THE GREATEST days in our clubs history and if you were a true fan you would defend trundle even though it was just harmless fun and the papers are probably paying the faw so they can have something to write about!!
troika dog
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03/04/2006 18:20:00

I agree the media are just trying to over shadow what was a fantastic day out .
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03/04/2006 18:26:00

even you kevine probabley the most sensible jack i know said it was a bit of harmless fun!
troika dog
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03/04/2006 18:27:00

well done jack the lad we have cardiff morons on the news saying its disgusting when there trying to attack poilce in wolvehampton!!!
troika dog
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03/04/2006 18:29:00

they should be apologiseing to us for having a burger king with no toilerts!
troika dog
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03/04/2006 19:26:00

stuff like this could take are focus out of promotion!!
troika dog
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03/04/2006 19:27:00

Why 3 different posts ??? I also see no mention of bricks being thrown at our coaches .
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03/04/2006 20:54:00

Cardiff played the other week, and a shirt was burned on the pitch. This was at half time, no disrespect but it was published with a little article, and no one cared. What difference is this??
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03/04/2006 22:03:00

i think you probably deserve to lose at least 5 league points for this !!! Only fair so we can catch you !!! lmao
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03/04/2006 22:16:00

it has nothing to do with the league (even thought they probably make it so!) and forest dont even have a chance against teams like the jack army!!
troika dog
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04/04/2006 07:40:00

behave !!!!! who cares what its to do with !!!. See you in the final then instead, up the tricky trees !!
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04/04/2006 12:39:00

-----"they should be apologiseing to us for having a burger king with no toilerts!"----- That has to be the funniest thing I have read all week. Their Chicken Cottage (crap version of KFC) had one toilet for female and one for male and they stank!
Report Abuse
04/04/2006 15:39:00

well u know midland red or whoever u are it be a shame that a team like the modern day nottingham forest to ever play in the second tier of british football
troika dog
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04/04/2006 15:42:00

well done couch potatoe !!!!
troika dog
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04/04/2006 18:45:00

troika dog do us all a favour shut up u had u say
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04/04/2006 18:54:00

How can fans get away with carrying flags and wearing t-shirts like this? I think it was a hot headed moment an apology is more than enough its not as if hes ever done it before. On top of that we were well behaved and caused no real trouble unlike cardiff fans would have!
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04/04/2006 20:10:00

i think trunds shud get sum sort of punishment 4 wearing the top but there were ppl selling them outside the grounds! its jst ridiculous and the people who were selling the tops should be punished also
Report Abuse
04/04/2006 21:15:00

i thought the bloke was just endearing himself to the home fans
Report Abuse
05/04/2006 06:16:00

there was no need of wearing the t-shirt ,
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05/04/2006 10:17:00

''i think cardiff need to get over it! it was funny, if they'd done something like that, as you said troika dog, they wouldnt have half as much of the crap that the swans are getting, trundle was having a laugh thats all!''
Report Abuse
05/04/2006 16:11:00

what the hell is wrong with the fans who shout cardiff chants from the stands its about time they focus on the swans and not cardiff stupied fools hate some 1 cause of football makes no sense grow up now they could lose 2 very good playes 4 a few games cause of the stupied fools obession with cardiff grow up!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
05/04/2006 17:36:00

YOU KNOW WOT YOUNGS121 YOUR THE ONE WHO SHOULD GROW UP!!!WITH THE HISTORY BETWEEN SWANSEA AND THOOSE people... theres bound to be some rivalry as well as being the best two teams in the country!!
troika dog
Report Abuse
05/04/2006 21:09:00

i kno its getting redicilous!
Report Abuse
05/04/2006 22:08:00

but youngs has a point, I think he's acting much more grown up than you. At the end of the day it's football, and why should you hate someone just because their support a different team. Yeah I call them scum etc but I don't really take it serious, that's why I wouldn't care if Cardiff had flags and t-shirts like that. Football hooliganism is pathetic. I await abuse off you though troikadog as it seems a lot of people can't agree to disagree on here.
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05/04/2006 22:45:00

exalctly kevine obviously there is going to be rivalry but just in the way of hoping they lose not killing eachother. The only true jacks are the ones who support the week in and week out and dont give a monkeys about cardiff. Toika you need to grow up and stop morning because if cameron jerome or jason koumas did that but with a Swansea shirt beeing peed on you would complain.
Report Abuse
06/04/2006 18:44:00

right ok im sorry.obivousley were not aloud to have a rivalry with a local club because everyone seems to think all the fans kill one another.ok im sorry trundle and tate should be fined and banned and arrested and all that just because they picked up a flag. and u know wot mattyjones and kevine i dont know who brought up that i kill cardiff fans and if koumas or jerome(who by the way probabley hates cardiff more than i do) put on a shirt with a stupid cartoon (that everybody in the ******ry has seen on sale in some market )after winning in front of 40000 fans i can quite honestley say i woudnt realy care.and this is suppose to be somewhere where people write THERE points of view and THERE comments.
troika dog
Report Abuse
06/04/2006 19:27:00

Since when has anyone said you can't put your own views across, we're just disagreeing with you that's all. You're always replying with that tone when anyone disagrees with you, It would be boring if we all thought the same thing. I think mattyjones was just saying that some people do take it that seriously and that as a result people get hurt or receive death threats or whatever - over football! [Edited by Kev]
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06/04/2006 20:42:00

troikadog you would be annoyed if one of the Cardiff players had a sign saying f off Swansea and if you wouldnt get annoyed then i dont think your a real jack to be honest. All this rubbish about no toilets in burger king and wolverhampton, what Tate and Trunds did was silly and they have given Swansea City a bad reputation. Now i know they had just won a cup and stuff but be fair they are adults not little kids from the south stand shouting WHO ARE WE..........JACK ARMY.I agree with you about the arrest and ban(they are over the top) but i think a fine is reasonable and if we only get a fine we can count our selfs lucky because amagine we got a few points aduction that would take away our promotion chances.
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07/04/2006 22:05:00

now im sure i told you the same joke matty right after the peterbourough game !
troika dog
Report Abuse
12/04/2006 19:43:00


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